Anaerobic Workstations are utilized to afford an oxygen-free atmosphere for oxygen-sensitive materials to work efficiently. Anaerobic chambers use a mixture of H2 and Nitrogen [N2] [5/95%] or N2/Carbon dioxide [CO2]/H2 [85/10/5 %] to remove oxygen.

Purpose of Anaerobic Chambers:

Anaerobic chambers, also known as anaerobic glove boxes, are atmospheric control device intended to be used when dealing with oxygen-sensitive materials, product containment needs, and general isolation control.

Anaerobic Workstation’s / Chamber’s Specifications:

  • Single person’s working capacity.
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled anaerobic incubator system.
  • Durable, Non-Corrosive Acrylic Resin Sheet
  • Premixed anaerobic gas
  • Atmospheric conditioning system Using Palladium Catalyst
  • Manual Control Panel
  • Pre-Mix Gas Cylinder 1 No Free along with Regulator

What is used to build Anaerobic Chambers?

The Material used in the Anaerobic workstation is Plexiglass.